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A short and simple post today everyone.  As a matter of fact, a question:

What do you notice when you look at your face in the mirror?   Please do comment below! 



Healers, Lightworkers and Change Makers


ascimages18World is Awakening


An economic revolution is happening. A new alternative to traditional government issued currency is finally available! Introducing Sovereign Keys, a cryptocurrency made by our people for our people. Keys are minted and issued to sustainable ecovillages, ethical cooperative businesses and humanitarian organizations that are revolutionizing how we engage with each other and our planet.

I invite you to learn more about how this economic shift is the foundation of a planetary revolutionary shift from non-consensual governance to a fully supportive world that unconditionally provides for all of us. Discover more at http://asc.ai/faye 



Nan Beach Sunset

Sunrise or sunset brings with it the whisper of new beginnings, new possibilities.
What if there was a way for you to create personal results through cooperative intention and allowing between yourself, the creator/universe/spirit and a facilitator?
The possibility to bring about change; dare I suggest healing; you would have not before today imagined?
Answer in the affirmative below if this sounds good to you.
Let’s see what we can create!

Take back your power!



love-chakra buddha

Where have you given your power away today?

Often times we speak of giving our power away by way of our relationships with others, or perhaps thinking less of our amazing selves.  What about how much power we give over to the time we spend on social media?  It harmlessly feels like we are keeping in touch, staying up to date with friends and family; but, at what cost.  The subliminal messages as we scroll through others pictorals of how large they are living their lives, we then begin to unconsciously think:  THEY are having a better life than I in this moment, or perhaps in general.

We are subconsiously “hearing” all those voices of our newsfeed in our heads.  How much noise!  How much extra “stuff” are we taking on and not even being present to it?  Allow yourself to regain not only your power, but give yourself an electronic detox. In this time of renewal and growth; make a powerful decision in this moment to step away from the social media for an extended period of time each day.  See if you don’t start to notice your breathing becoming more relaxed.  Your mind more at peace.  Less external stress.  Notice if you suddenly have more energy!

Please share your experiences!

EFT Workshop-Tonight Feb. 13, 2017


EFT, no not electronic fund transfer; an elegant and simple technique that works with your own bodies energies for physical, emotional pain and stuck energy; EFT can also be used to calm and soothe the mind, body and spirit.

EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique consists of some simple tapping techniques that can be learned in a very short time and used for everything!

During the workshop we will be working together as a group to learn how to use EFT and to help each other. Once you learn EFT you will have a very valuable tool to use wherever you go, and at any time of the day or night!

Some of the topics we will address: Self-worth, self-love, confidence

Create a never ending gift of self love for yourself by attending!

Faye has been very successfully using EFT personally and with clients for more than 10 years and witnessed some very wonderful breakthroughs.

Monday, February, 13, 2017 @ 6:30 p.m. @ B1 Yoga, 54 Mt. Airy-Village Rd., West Amwell, NJ   Please RSVP directly to B1 to hold your spot! (609) 902-7571    $25

Bring water to drink, a notebook and pen for notes and breakthroughs, a willingness to leave old thoughts behind.


The dictionary states the following for the meaning of synchronicity:

the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality —used especially in the psychology of C. G. Jung

With the introspection of a new year still looming largely in the forefront of my mind; there has been much thought on spirituality, self-improvement and believing in creating miracles on a daily basis.  

I have been witnessing more and more needed information simply flowing to me as either requested or needed.  Arriving unannounced; yet very much welcome.  

Reminders to find and create more play have frequently been thoughts surfacing.  Reminders to look for, expect and create miracles also frequent thought patterns.  Confirmation/validation of these ideas showed up today by way of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, Real Magic: Creating Miracles in Everyday Life manifesting for me in an unexpected place!  The book was there with several others just waiting for new homes.  I KNEW it was the universe or quite possibly Dr. Dyer himself reminding me to value my internal guidance.

Synchronicity:  there are no accidents 


January 1, 2017


This picture invokes the feeling of fun for me.  A visual reminder to take time each day for self care and nurture as well as having FUN!  

Too many days fall by the wayside “doing” adult stuff and forgetting to schedule time for FUN!  It does seem counterintuitive to our programmed minds to be responsible; and I’m not saying to let go of your responsibilities, for example:  keeping a roof over your head by paying your bills.  What I am suggesting is you add FUN to each day.  Self care too!  

I decided that since we again begin a new calendar on Jan. 1, this day would be MINE!  Yes, I took the decision that it would be for ME.  I allowed myself time to read an inspirational book, leisurely; crafted a lovely restorative yoga practice for myself with soothing music so the yoga teacher in me didn’t add her voice; then the final love creation was a delicious soak in the tub with an essential oil bath bomb.  Of course more soothing music and candle light to accompany the soak.  The fun part of my day consisted of allowing for some creative cookery in the kitchen and catching up with a friend!  

Will you do yourself the favor of creating fun and self care each day in this new year?  Please share how you will create the fun for YOU! 

The World is a changing

Long ago, and far away we were raised to think a certain genus of plant was enemy number one; although it had been used for many years for multiple ailments.   This becomes even more interesting as it’s country cousin was a manditory item for farmers during the times of our fore fathers and during WWII to help save the economy.  

If we begin to follow the corporate trail, we will see that growing this miracle plant would largely cut into the mega corporations profits so they lobbied the government to make it illegal.  When you have a plant that can be used for OVER 30,000 eco-friendly products and uses, it gets easier to see why it was squashed.  Bio-fuel, paper products, clothing, cars, food source, able to clean up contaminated soil are but a few of the products that can be produced using hemp.  

Without going into major detail and discussion here, my thought process is moving forward and looking at how far cannabis/hemp legalization has come recently.  It is becoming known as the Green Gold Rush and the next big industry to become involved in.  

Granted, there are many who have been involved in the arena for a long time and have paid their dues; yet there are many more who are curious, desiring education for knowledge, and those who are looking to break into this new field via employment.  If you fall into any of these catagories, take a look at Cannabis Training University.  Legal education in all 50 states and the world with the complete course work available online!  You can take a look by clicking on the  link below.  https://makemarijuanamoney.com/idevaffiliate.php?id=466 


Breathe in between your breaths

img_20160308_083812Breathe, inhale, exhale…….breathe again; inhale, exhale.  As you begin to notice the pattern of your breath realize the natural space that is there.  Built in to remind you to stay in a smooth, consistent flow of creating your breath.  

Just as the sun will continue to rise and set, you maintain your breath at all times, inviting you to take stock of YOU, your desires for what YOU wish to experience.  

Remain positive!  Your thoughts are materializing rapidly at this time; so to ensure positive outcomes only focus on the good within yourself, the good within others and this situation.  

Love, light and blessings to all.  

Every once in awhile, you need an escape!

barefoot-landingHow many of you read the title of this post and began to think:  “Is she suggesting I go and hide?”  

In a way yes.  Day in, day out, we unconsciously obsess with the how to’s and must’s of our day-to-day lives.  If we are lucky, we actually love what we do and find that we are so caught up in serving others we don’t even notice that we are forgetting to engage in self-care, or dare I say it, take some time off!    I do!  I dare!    

Each time we step out of our daily routine, we begin to notice where we are holding our breath; where we are shut off from our emotions.  We begin to let down both physically and emotionally.  Perhaps even moving into the realm of child-like play.  Oh my god, how good does it feel to stop playing adult for a bit!  Guess what?  Your world will not fall apart, nor come to a complete stand still.  All will still go on without you as you tend to nurturing and loving YOU!   We did not come here to become robots to corporations.  We came for experiences.  

How many material things have you brought into your world that have brought you pure joy?  Placed an irrepressible smile on your face when you envisioned that thing?  Very few if any.  Now, close your eyes and bring up your most recent memory of letting go, stepping out of your daily routine.  A place you visited and had a good time or some fun.  Aaaaaah, the smile creeps onto your face with no effort at all.  These are the experiences you wish to envision regularly.  The more you take some time to think:  I would love to experience more of……………   See it, feel it, smile while you do it; let go of wondering how the heck it will show up.  It will when you see, feel and smile.  Oh yes, breathe while you smile, your mind, your body and your spirit will thank you many times over.  

Where will you go next?  ♥ ♥