Shining Brilliantly

Good morning!   After an extremely long time of not giving a thought to my blog, I’ve decided to revisit the blog idea.  I find it a bit of a challenge to live out loud in this manner, as I tend to hold my thoughts and feelings privately; well, who said stepping outside your box was comfortable?  If we want to grow, then it involves a bit of discomfort.  One of the best visuals for that is a simple piece of coal.  It can remain just that, a simple piece of coal, or allow itself to be put through an enormous amount of pressure and become one of the hardest elements on the earth; as well as being bright, shiny and bring beauty as well as smiles to many.  A diamond.

So, which will you choose?  Staying in the dark as coal, or stepping into your brilliance and being the diamond you are meant to be?  Image

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