How Meditation turned into learning about Journaling!

I LOVE the students who come to my meditation classes!  Not only do they get to learn and experience new ways to meditate, release stress, and find their inner voices; but I also get to learn from them!  Last night was a prime example.  We were discussing how everyone’s private practice was moving along, and then Missy shared about some questions she uses for her daily journal experience and we were all hooked!  If I had had this information all those years ago when it was suggested to me to journal, I may have had a more open attitude about doing so.  The questions basically give you direction and a format for what to journal!  Woo Hoo!  

What?  You want me to share the questions? 🙂  Of course!  They are taken from the book: <a href=”Building the Best You: A Two-Year Discovery Journal“>Building The Best You.

Ok, here are the questions:

1.  What happened?

2. What did I feel?

3.  What am I grateful for today?

4.  What challenged me today?

5.  How do I overcome that challenge?

6.  What did I savor today?

and then, Missy being the beautiful bright light that she is added two questions of her own:

1.  How did I trust God today?

2. What do I like about me today? 

Are you ready to journal?  Ready, set, WRITE!  🙂

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