While meditating this morning, I was able to mentally review some of the work and successes that have been and are being created with my EFT/Strategic Intervention Life Focus Coaching clients. One client who was “done” with their marriage walked out fully committed to lighting up their partners world.  Another who suffered from parental abuse as a child realized they do have the capacity for self love. Skype clients have been delighted as they get to create the benefits from the comfort of their location.  It is so amazing to watch how people walk in physically and mentally; and within an hour and a half have shifts in their thoughts; powerful changes in their physiology and a new understanding of how some of their old beliefs, patterns and habits no longer serve them.  In certain instances, we have experienced changes so dramatic, the client no longer recognizes that the “problem” they showed up with ever existed in their world!  They have released and shifted so greatly that the memory of the issue is gone.  I LOVE THIS WORK!  Based on client feedback, THEY LOVE IT AS WELL!!  Are you ready to bloom?  🙂


Blossom into your awesomness

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