Ten to Zero


Does this sound familiar in any way; you are at the top of your game, flying high, feeling unstoppable, and seemingly out of nowhere; BAM that sinking feeling of everything is falling apart around you.  How the hell does that happen? First things first, start tapping on your thymus.  Locate it by GENTLY placing one or two fingers on the soft indent at the base of your throat, slide the fingers down approximately 2-4 finger widths down, (this truly depends on your finger size) staying above the heart center start to gently tap or thump your fingers until for no instant explanation why, you FEEL BETTER! 🙂  The thymus spot is our mood regulator and is a great pick me up whenever you feel like you are moving down any slippery slope.  

Good, now that your mood and state of being is back on the upswing, mentally begin taking note of the changes in your surroundings that brought on the change to start with.  Possible examples:  Diet change, lack of sun, mood swing, environment, thought process, old habits kicking in to limit your success to move forward. 

Let me know what your detective work revels!  Happy tapping! 🙂


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