Rainy, grey morning


Today was CSA day.  The thought of going and harvesting this weeks distribution in the pouring rain was not completely inviting to say the least.  Thank god we were still going to be picking in the greenhouses! 

Once I arrived, and begin my part of the harvest, without even consciously noticing at first; there was no chatter.  No thoughts, no self talk, just…………quiet…………. getting into a rhythm of harvesting the lettuce and the drumming of the pounding rain on the greenhouse took me into a space of deep waking meditation.  So deep in fact, when another person entered into the greenhouse I was alone in, I became startled as I didn’t even hear them come in!  Wow!  Thankfully, I was quickly able to return to that Zen Zone and the rest of the harvest just flew by!  A nice lesson in just allowing a meditative state to organically come into being.  What have you been doing to allow yourself to gently slip into a waking meditation?  🙂  



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