On the wings of transformation


Stopped to sit back, rest, breath and recap the past week.  I got to notice that I am still flying off the energy created at last week’s AMAZING retreat that was co-facilitated by myself and the marvelous Amy Novack! It was beautiful to see the trust that was so freely given by the attendees amidst the nervousness of not quite knowing what to expect, being with new and in that moment yet unknown people.  Observing how quickly everyone began shifting just from sharing during the opening circle and moving into the first gentle yoga class of the evening.  Beautiful.

Saturday morning, we could see even more shifts just from sleeping in peaceful, beautiful and nurturing surroundings.  Perhaps having the amethyst bio mats running all night may have played some part in that as well! We gently moved through the day with yoga, meditation, vision boards, communing together over delicious home made vegetarian meals and came to the afternoon group session of EFT/Strategic Intervention Life Focus Coaching.  We began the session by focusing on something that showed up for all of us during the retreat, and from there it was interesting indeed to watch how one simple concept very quickly unfolded and came down to a common thread among all in attendance.  Mother’s/Grandmothers.  The levels of openness, trust, honesty, courage and vulnerability shared during that group session brought forth some amazing healing, release and transformation, not only in the older relationships, but current ones as well.  The ways in which we thread old recordings into the new points in our lives is so enlightening in moving forward once we recognize the patterns and bring them out of the dark recesses of our minds, our bodies and our spirits. It was so humbling and gratifying to be able to facilitate in this amazing transformation of these five beautiful souls.  We were able to continue the healing process Saturday evening with magical, blissful, take me away into the ether with crystal bowl meditation. The bowls were fabulously played by Amy.

Sunday brought brilliant smiles around the kitchen and into our yoga and meditation practice.  Vision boards were completed and discussed.  I see great things coming up! Delicious brunch, packing up, final circle, good bye’s and yet, no one in a rush to leave.  A new extension of family had come to be.  🙂

We are already thinking about creating another retreat for this coming fall!  Research in progress for a larger location so we can open the space to more like minded people on their path to peace. Keep your eyes and ears open for details!  If you have access or information to a nurturing space local to the NY, NJ or PA area, please feel free to suggest!   

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