Robin Totem


Two days ago  I was privileged to experience a close encounter of the nature kind.  I was out on the front lawn speaking with my son; and happened to catch something through my peripheral vision in the bush I was standing near; a robin perched on a branch in an open spot of the bush.  I was amazed that it stayed on the branch!  As I stood there talking to my son, the robin sat listening to the conversation and watching.  Slowly, I began asking the bird if it was alright, if it had something to tell me, why she was there.  We were engaged in an energetic exchange of trust.  As opportunity arose, I moved closer and closer to the spot where the bird was resting.  No visible signs of injury to prevent her from flying.  We continued our silent exchange.  At one point I was close enough to gently reach out my hand to offer her another place to perch.  She looked, first at me, then my hand, but politely declined to move.  Had I wanted to push the envelope, I more than likely could have gently touched her on the head; but chose to honor her space on the branch.  This encounter continued for approximately 10 minutes!  Very peaceful.  Then, perhaps her mate, began to sign and she took off.  

I looked up what this totem’s meaning was; and in the shortened version: Spreading of new growth, reflecting a need to sing your own song in order to have the new growth; move forward. 🙂  Let us all connect and move forward as one!

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