Energy in unexpected places


One of the perks of being a Soloprenuer is being able to shift gears and priorities on a dime.  What was deemed super important at the start of the day can be moved to anywhere else on the list of to do items when need be.  Interestingly enough, it has taken me quite some time to be able to: 1. realize this as a perk  2. start to be comfortable with open spaces in the “work” schedule.  3.  realize that the open spaces can provide the “down time” that was wished for and coveted while engaged in a traditional 9-5.   4. provide an opening for creative juice aka energy to show up and allowed to flow freely.

Free flowing energy is also a concept that plays an important part during coaching sessions, bodywork sessions, meditations, aroma therapy, writing, energy sessions (are we starting to see a pattern yet?) 🙂   Energy is life.  We are energy.  Let that flow through you.  Still not convinced?  Great!  Extend your arms slightly away from your body in front of you with palms facing each other.  Now, start to briskly rub the palms together until you feel heat.  When your hands feel hot, gently separate the hands and tune into what you feel.  If you are not noticing anything, try moving your hands a bit closer together.  If you have never experienced working with energy before, this may feel a bit strange or weird; that’s ok.  Try again if you are not sure about what you are experiencing.  You will get it! 

What are some other ways we can boost this subtle thing called energy?  Proper sleep.  Whether it’s 4, 6, 8 or 10 hours; whichever your body needs; on a regular basis is absolutely key to maintaining health and energy.  Hydration!  A good portion of our dis-ease originates from not being hydrated properly.  I already hear the “I hate drinking water people”.  Eating your water is another way to keep it going.  Greens, fruits and vegetables with high water content is the way to do it.  Bonus benefit: you eat healthier! Less desire to eat processed “stuff”. 

Go for regular bodywork or energy work!  Massage is NOT a luxury!  Better circulation, increased joint flexibility, easily releasing stored “stuff”, joyfully jumping endorphins, the feel good hormones! Translation: More energy! 

My coaching clients always end up with more energy after each session as we release old, stuck emotional energy that has been hiding in their bodies which in turn creates space for new thoughts, feelings, ENERGY!

Crystals help us tap into not only their energy, but ours.  Did you ever find yourself inexplicably drawn to a stone and didn’t understand why?  You and the crystal were communicating non-verbally and connecting with each others ENERGY!  I have recently been creating and adding positive energy to the yoga classes I teach by laying out a crystal grid on a mandala.  This has been awesome to watch how people are able to release and let go of their tensions in an easier fashion.  One other way I have brought crystal energy into the meditation classes I teach is by using crystal singing bowls. The vibrations of energy and light move into the body on so many levels creating alignment, release, peace and healing.

A great big thank you to Healing for allowing me to use their crystal pictures!

6 thoughts on “Energy in unexpected places

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    This is a really nice article on Crystal and Personal Energy that I found on Akneadedescape’s Blog. Sure to Enjoy 🙂
    When you are reading, be sure to try out the “hands” test that she describes. It could just change the direction of your life.

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