San Miguel de Allende


Relaxation and a view

Relaxation and a view


Living on a crystal vortex allows for some very interesting energetic exchanges and occurrences in your mind, your body and your spirit.  The idea of being able to come on a retreat with powerful, spiritual women who are teaching life enhancing ideas, participate in a wellness and spirituality expo as a speaker, get to experience living in the world’s top place to visit and live on a crystal vortex? Oh heck yeah!

Stepping into San Miguel is an interesting experience. For those coming from North America with no previous experience with Mexico or it’s culture, it can be a bit of a time warp.  People are FRIENDLY!  It is not uncommon for strangers passing by to say hello for no reason or to wish you a good day, possibly tell you buen provecho if they pass by your restaurant table and you are having a meal.  Time, is no longer measured by the standards you may be used to in North America.  It completely slows down here. A “quick lunch” can easily be two hours just waiting for things to be brought to the table and then the waiters giving you complete freedom and not bringing the check UNTIL you ask for it, because it is considered rude to bring it uninvited!

As to the energy side of the story.  Being at over 6,000 feet in elevation brings a bit of dizziness on it’s own if you are not used to it.  Now we mix in the bed of quartz crystals laying underneath San Miguel and it’s quite easy to get lost in your own energetic field.  Thoughts easily become manifest.  It becomes quite important to stay in touch with who you are.  Being surrounded by a much gentler day to day environment makes the act of being so much easier to connect to.  One morning, I noticed it was me just being my breakfast.  🙂 Having absolutely NO MIND Chatter and having the capacity to totally enjoy the book I was reading, feel the food I had prepared nurturing my body, the drink warming and taking care of my thirst while being able to dine Al fresco as the weather was conducive to doing so.  The experience was freeing.  It helped me to anchor in the experience on a cellular level as well as a mental impression which makes it much easier to retrieve the information when life at home starts to bring back old patterns for disrupting new behaviours.  The importance to self  to take time away from the day to day rigors of life is crucial to personal wellness and success .  The saying: “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” rings true in this instance.  Perhaps, if it feels like too much of a stretch to take an extended period of time at first, challenge yourself to creating 15 minutes to a half hour of time each day just for you.  It’s a new practice.  A new habit you will be creating.  As your mind, body and spirit get the feeling and benefit of this practice, you will naturally gravitate to creating more time.  What I challenge you to do is start slow, but choose something that really puts a smile on your face, opens up your heart center and feeds your spirit.  Then if you would enjoy having a space to share your success, post your choices and experiences here.  I’d love to help in your creation of self peace!     Om Shanti




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