Ascension Crystal Bowls, the lazy man’s way to meditate!



With each Ascension crystal bowl meditation & healing gathering, I find the vibrations getting more and more profound, more intensely dramatic; shifts for those in attendance on levels not noticed in prior gatherings.  So now, I get to ask myself: what is happening here?  Same bowls, same person sounding/playing the bowls, many of the same people attending……..  What has changed?  What has shifted?  In a word, me.  Each time I play the bowls, not only do the sounds, vibrations and light that is created help those who are gathered, but I receive benefit as well.  For those of you who are familiar with other forms of energy work, you know that in the giving, there is receiving.  Essentially what we have been creating with focused intentions, vibrational play, gathering of intentional people, is to heal on so many levels.  Healing for the space we are in, healing for the world around us, healing for those in attendance, and for those intended to receive healing, drawing the universal vibration upwards so that we may all exist in a place of peace, love and understanding.  

Now, I’m sure you are wondering why I call bowl meditations the lazy man’s way to meditate?  The reason is, you don’t have to work on clearing your mind.  There are multiple areas you can focus on:  your breath, which is always and forever with you until the day that it isn’t; the sound of the bowls, the feeling of the vibrations either through the floor or directly felt on the skin, through the light that is created and transmitted then received by the body.  The fact that normally you are in a prone position helps as well! 😉  I do try and remind people that these gatherings are no snore zones!  The sound does have a tendency to take you to a place of complete surrender. Ahhhh, samadi; the place of bliss; the place of no time; the being in complete and total release and surrender.

If you haven’t yet attended an Ascension Crystal bowl meditation and healing session you owe it to yourself to have the experience many times over; please go over to my website and sign up for my newsletter so that you may be in the loop  for any upcoming events and gatherings. 


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