What a thrill firstly to be asked to write for a publication, then to experience what you’ve written be published!

Now, with that being said, the inner voice/self talk that came prior to this experience is another story.  The conversations that went:  Why should YOU be writing about this subject?  Aren’t there better qualified people out there?  Do you want to be “seen” by that many people?  Putting yourself out there and being open, and vulnerable?

At the end of the day, does it matter what “they” all think?  NO!  We are not responsible for the reaction or perception of who we are by anyone else.  If we can face our fears, and do it anyway we become stronger, more positive in our daily outlook and end up growing both internally and spiritually because we refused to block our light in the shadowy corner of obscurity. By letting our inner light shine and be seen, we allow someone else who may be feeling insecure or seeking information to receive what they need when they require it.

Check out the article! Click the link: San Miguel de Allende



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