Every once in awhile, you need an escape!

barefoot-landingHow many of you read the title of this post and began to think:  “Is she suggesting I go and hide?”  

In a way yes.  Day in, day out, we unconsciously obsess with the how to’s and must’s of our day-to-day lives.  If we are lucky, we actually love what we do and find that we are so caught up in serving others we don’t even notice that we are forgetting to engage in self-care, or dare I say it, take some time off!    I do!  I dare!    

Each time we step out of our daily routine, we begin to notice where we are holding our breath; where we are shut off from our emotions.  We begin to let down both physically and emotionally.  Perhaps even moving into the realm of child-like play.  Oh my god, how good does it feel to stop playing adult for a bit!  Guess what?  Your world will not fall apart, nor come to a complete stand still.  All will still go on without you as you tend to nurturing and loving YOU!   We did not come here to become robots to corporations.  We came for experiences.  

How many material things have you brought into your world that have brought you pure joy?  Placed an irrepressible smile on your face when you envisioned that thing?  Very few if any.  Now, close your eyes and bring up your most recent memory of letting go, stepping out of your daily routine.  A place you visited and had a good time or some fun.  Aaaaaah, the smile creeps onto your face with no effort at all.  These are the experiences you wish to envision regularly.  The more you take some time to think:  I would love to experience more of……………   See it, feel it, smile while you do it; let go of wondering how the heck it will show up.  It will when you see, feel and smile.  Oh yes, breathe while you smile, your mind, your body and your spirit will thank you many times over.  

Where will you go next?  ♥ ♥

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