The World is a changing

Long ago, and far away we were raised to think a certain genus of plant was enemy number one; although it had been used for many years for multiple ailments.   This becomes even more interesting as it’s country cousin was a manditory item for farmers during the times of our fore fathers and during WWII to help save the economy.  

If we begin to follow the corporate trail, we will see that growing this miracle plant would largely cut into the mega corporations profits so they lobbied the government to make it illegal.  When you have a plant that can be used for OVER 30,000 eco-friendly products and uses, it gets easier to see why it was squashed.  Bio-fuel, paper products, clothing, cars, food source, able to clean up contaminated soil are but a few of the products that can be produced using hemp.  

Without going into major detail and discussion here, my thought process is moving forward and looking at how far cannabis/hemp legalization has come recently.  It is becoming known as the Green Gold Rush and the next big industry to become involved in.  

Granted, there are many who have been involved in the arena for a long time and have paid their dues; yet there are many more who are curious, desiring education for knowledge, and those who are looking to break into this new field via employment.  If you fall into any of these catagories, take a look at Cannabis Training University.  Legal education in all 50 states and the world with the complete course work available online!  You can take a look by clicking on the  link below. 


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