January 1, 2017


This picture invokes the feeling of fun for me.  A visual reminder to take time each day for self care and nurture as well as having FUN!  

Too many days fall by the wayside “doing” adult stuff and forgetting to schedule time for FUN!  It does seem counterintuitive to our programmed minds to be responsible; and I’m not saying to let go of your responsibilities, for example:  keeping a roof over your head by paying your bills.  What I am suggesting is you add FUN to each day.  Self care too!  

I decided that since we again begin a new calendar on Jan. 1, this day would be MINE!  Yes, I took the decision that it would be for ME.  I allowed myself time to read an inspirational book, leisurely; crafted a lovely restorative yoga practice for myself with soothing music so the yoga teacher in me didn’t add her voice; then the final love creation was a delicious soak in the tub with an essential oil bath bomb.  Of course more soothing music and candle light to accompany the soak.  The fun part of my day consisted of allowing for some creative cookery in the kitchen and catching up with a friend!  

Will you do yourself the favor of creating fun and self care each day in this new year?  Please share how you will create the fun for YOU! 

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