Take back your power!



love-chakra buddha

Where have you given your power away today?

Often times we speak of giving our power away by way of our relationships with others, or perhaps thinking less of our amazing selves.  What about how much power we give over to the time we spend on social media?  It harmlessly feels like we are keeping in touch, staying up to date with friends and family; but, at what cost.  The subliminal messages as we scroll through others pictorals of how large they are living their lives, we then begin to unconsciously think:  THEY are having a better life than I in this moment, or perhaps in general.

We are subconsiously “hearing” all those voices of our newsfeed in our heads.  How much noise!  How much extra “stuff” are we taking on and not even being present to it?  Allow yourself to regain not only your power, but give yourself an electronic detox. In this time of renewal and growth; make a powerful decision in this moment to step away from the social media for an extended period of time each day.  See if you don’t start to notice your breathing becoming more relaxed.  Your mind more at peace.  Less external stress.  Notice if you suddenly have more energy!

Please share your experiences!

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