Pulling the Plug


It’s been a minimum of two years possibly three since I pulled the plug on cable tv.  At first, it was a very real detoxification process which I hadn’t truly anticipated.  I had never believed I was THAT attached to “the box”.  

As each day passed, it was easier and easier to be released from the addiction of “the box”.  I use the term addiction, because in hindsight, I do see that tv was an addiction.  An addiction of getting unconsciously lost, thinking it was entertaining.  Of being programmed, without realizing I was being programmed.  I found with each passing day, more internal clarity, more of a feeling of being centered and in alignment with my true self.  I began to hear more of my higher guidance and began to again trust that information. 

One of the very first observations upon being in the same space as a working tv while in a service area, was the unnatural volume of the commercials; (I had noticed this while still under the influence, but now it was unbearable.) The constant repetition of the talk show people on the same subject over and over.  The color commentators who were speaking just to fill space.  It became too much to bear. The newscasters spewing so much negativity!  I had to go outside just to reset from the onslaught of negative energies being spewed from “the box”.

Now, if I view something that has been commercially created for the masses, I see perspective that wasn’t there while I was daily involved in the programming.  I see how the actors portray emotional abuse in a “comic” way and pass it off as ok, because it’s “funny”.  I notice aggressive sexual behaviour promoted and shown that it is normal.  I also began to notice how the tv programs that were being watched regularly by those I know; were manifesting in real life drama for these people; though they were not making the connection.  The things that they were getting pulled in to on “the box” were showing up in their lives.  Then I began looking at the divorce rate in the US and how that could potentially be translating to the 50 plus percent of marriages ending in divorce.  We were spoon fed ideas of love at first sight, the perfect relationship, the perfect well mannered, everyone got along family.  None of these images on screen matched what was translating in our day to day world. 

How can that be you wonder?  Have you ever sat and watched a show or movie and there was an intense scene, or something very emotional and found yourself physically reacting?  That is because your mind can not differentiate between whether you are just viewing something or actually going through it, so it causes you to react as if YOU are going through what you are visually witnessing on screen!  

As we are vibrational beings in nature, we are unconsciously calling in the very things we are viewing through the emotions we are having.  There is no “NO” in vibration.  What we put our attention on, we call/bring to us.  

I challenge you, if you still are actively watching tv, to begin to detox from this addiction.  Whether you go cold turkey or gradually cut down.  I would love to have you share your experiences of awakening here with me!  

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