Staying Creative

What and how do you stay focused, centered and balanced when the entire world stops and all that you know comes to a standstill?

Fall back on the tools in the healing tool kit. First and foremost, breathe; and breathe frequently!

Meditate more than you ever have before. With the meditation, comes the peace, ease and balance that feels like it’s been ripped out from under you.

Next, find the thing or things that give you the space to get creative. To take all your conscious thoughts off things like the news and social media, and have all of your focus on the area of creativity you have chosen.

For me, that most times means getting into the kitchen and cooking! The other avenue of creativity for me is being in service. This came to me through a friend who required help editing her book from Spanish to English!

The topic of the book was also near and dear to my heart as it was focusing on vibration and our relationship to it. I invite you to use my affiliate link to view the book and dive deeper into your own relationship with your vibrational mindfulness!

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