EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)/Strategic Intervention Life Focus Coaching

Do you find yourself trapped by circumstances, limiting beliefs, allergies, fears or phobias?  Using the combined techniques of EFT and Strategic Intervention Life Focus Coaching, either via phone or Skype, we can work together to untangle and let go of limiting beliefs and negative self defeating behaviors in your life.

 Tapping points along starting and ending meridian lines, as well as verbal reinforcements and re-framing, allowing the release of negative energies that are trapped in the body and contributing to and creating dis-ease.  By dissolving the stuck energy and creating a more natural flow of energy in the body, you will find/experience a feeling of relaxation, letting go, transformation and a pathway toward being able to enjoy life again. 

Strategic Intervention Life Focus Coaching is based on the teachings of Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Training; fundamentally using the Six Basic Human Needs for creating the foundation from where we begin.  We work together to address your current physiology, which of the Six  Basic Human Needs you are primarily connecting to, and thereby creating your life from; and then use the information to anchor in new thought patterns and new physiological changes in your state of being.  Some examples of those Six Basic Human Needs are listed below. 

Six Basic Human Needs

 Connection:  Positive or negative (suicide, pain, illness, depression, crime)

 Certainty:  job, pay, environment, surroundings, mate

Uncertainty:  Extreme sports, multiple partners, crime, travel, dangerous situations

Love: supported, negative relationships, personal development, spiritual

 Contribution:  going outside yourself, giving, being in service

 Growth:  connection to the divine

 Since we are all quite aware that we have developed negative patterns and behaviour over time; for your best and highest good as well as the anchoring in of new and better serving patterns and behaviour are best served when we work together over time.  

 The Moving Past Stuck and Glowing Package:

 Half hour discovery session (1 time)

  Up to Five one hour 1:1 sessions   

Instruction and application for using EFT

Email, text and phone support



Moving Past Stuck and Glowing Lightening Speed Package:

Up to Three 45 minute 1:1 sessions






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