A Kneaded Escape Happenings!

Hello, Greetings, Namaste!

I blinked, and the summer’s gone! Autumn has already arrived!

It was such a wonderful time celebrating my birthday this year; I’ve decided to keep on celebrating! The great part about this is you benefit. Here is my gift to you: Schedule two massages for the month of October, and receive a Ten Dollar ($10) discount on the second massage! This applies to any one hour or longer massage. Call or email me to schedule your appointments.

While taking some time to myself this summer, I was introduced to a very remarkable energy healing technique called EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique. The easiest way to describe it is acupuncture without the needles. A series of some finger tapping along meridian points and lines that can be performed anywhere, any time. A number of you have already worked with me and experienced the wonderful results of this technique.

Personally, I have been using EFT for my migraines and have been able to eliminate using any meds normally associated with them. I have also been noticing less frequency of occurrence and less severity of the headaches when they do arrive and much greater and faster ease of relief once I begin using the EFT. The technique has also been helpful to me for some long held issues, which have now disappeared after just a few rounds of tapping. I knew I was on to something when my 13 year old said he would be willing to do some EFT recently when he was having difficulty falling asleep.

There is a high degree of success with this technique, no drugs involved, where emotional relief brings physical health; a self help method which often works where nothing else will.

Since healing is a personal experience we probably need to chat awhile before making any decisions. Tuesday afternoons are usually pretty good for me. You can call me then. No charge. EFT sessions can be scheduled as stand alone sessions either for 30 or 60 minutes. If you are brand new to A Kneaded Escape, the initial session will need to be 90 minutes

Thought for today: Speak sweetly, a bitter tongue makes life bitter, a sweet tongue makes life better.

Thank you for your continued support in allowing me to aid in your wellness. Referrals are always welcome. If you know of someone who would like to be added to the newsletter list let me know and I will be happy to add them. Please feel free to pass the newsletter on to your friends, family or co-workers.

Om Shanti Faye

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