I can hear the questions burning already; what does a picture of a cigarette have to do with confidence?  It has to do with the person who knows that quitting is the next logical step for them and their choice of requesting assistance in kicking said habit. Confidence shows up in allowing the release of old behaviors surrounding lighting up.  Confidence is acquired in a new and stronger way when the person releases the behavior says no thank you when asked if they would like to go out to have a smoke. Confidence shows up in new ways of being without the aid of an emotional crutch in the hand.

I was on the receiving end of a call from a friend requesting my assistance in releasing their long standing smoking addiction. I was honored they felt confident enough to ask for the assistance; and knowing I had been of assistance to a few others previously in the same area, was thrilled to assist with this request!  By the time our phone session was over, said friend was happily repulsed by the smell of the UNLIT cigarette and had NO desire to light it!  🙂  I LOVE THE WORK I DO! 🙂


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