Do you frequently find yourself involved with self talk or live conversations with people around you revolving around a topic similar to this: “If I could only get some sort of sign from God, The Universe, The Divine, The Angels, a clue by four to the head? Then I would know what I could do, look at, move in the direction of.”  

I’d like to offer the suggestion that there are more signs, clue by fours, directions to move in around you, in front of you, within your inner knowing than you can count; multiple times in a day.  The thing that is more than likely preventing you from seeing them is you are caught up in your feeling of being stuck, and not honoring the information that you already “know what you know” and still looking for someone else to produce the magic free pass to the keys to the kingdom.  My challenge to you is to stop, look and then listen to what is around you starting in this moment when you ask for a sign and be consciously aware of what comes into your world.  I would love to hear the signs you found!  My biggest sign for the day was having a friend ask me to step out of being in the friend zone, and  put on my coaching hat and be a coach for them! When we were done this person now had a greater confidence in them self, their abilities and what they wanted.  They thanked me for being able to connect the dots for them and GIVE THEM THEIR SIGN   🙂  


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