Is it possible to be Ageless? Dr Janni Lloyd

Powerful information; are you in the mood to re-program your aging? 🙂

Physical Immortality - the mass possibility's Blog

I feel what we call ‘ageing’ is actually a chronic dis-ease that we
have simply accepted.
Because we believed “physical death was inevitable” we created a
way of fading out of life slowly – “ageing”. If we liken our life force
to a fully open stream of water – we turned the tap off slowly. It’s
time to question this chronic dis-ease – do not accept anything as a
symptom of ‘ageing’, see a health professional (at this stage
alternative practitioners are usually more helpful in this area) if you
can’t sort out the imbalance yourself. When I was working as a medical
doctor, I had people who had only been on the earth 26 years say
to me that whatever was ailing them “must be their age”!

From his book “Ageless Body Timeless Mind” here is what Deepak Chopra says –
“Because the mind influences every cell in the body, human…

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