Slow Roasted





What do roasting coffee beans and spirituality have in common?  Please bear with me as I write on!

I frequently find myself being drawn to new adventures in the culinary arts.  My most recent pondering found me looking at roasting my own coffee beans.  With a bit of research I delightedly found out that it is fairly easy to roast green coffee beans at home using simple equipment. A heavy frying pan, a good arm for keeping the beans moving, and a cooking spoon at the ready for stirring when the arm tires of moving the entire pan; also a mesh colander to lose the chaff and cool the beans.  Ok!  In business.

The process begins with bringing the pan up to a warm temperature before you place the beans in the pan.  Intuitively I used a low to medium setting on the gas since I had read the beans can burn very quickly if there is not enough movement of the beans or if you take your eyes away from them.

As I stood with my gently roasting beans, words from an old TV commercial floated into my mind: Slow Roasted Beans.  It made sense!  Slow roasting the beans gives you the opportunity to infuse mindfullness, attention to the process, being in the present moment, love to the beans.  You are able to bring the flavor qualities you desire to the roast simply by being present!

The process from start to finish becomes a moving meditation as well.  I found myself totally absorbed in the details, monitoring the heat, the beans, the motion to keep the beans moving, noticing the changing aromas as the beans moved from green to roasted; there was no interferring  mind chatter!

It just goes to show you, lessons are given in the most appropriate ways; and we get to allow ourselves to be open to receiving them!!




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