“Lord, have mercy”

Kyrie eleison

Prophets come in many forms; often times we don’t even realize we’ve had an experience with a prophet until long after the exposure.

When the song Kyrie eleison by Mr. Mister came out in the late 1980’s there was such an internal resonance yet I didn’t have the understanding why. When I did some investigating and found the words were from a prayer of supplication in the Catholic religion, my very closed Judaic upbringing made me stop and wonder how could I even think of being connected to this song; yet here I was singing my heart out, tears flowing in an unbidden manner, feeling a fullness in my soul which at the time I didn’t even have the realization that it was my soul being feed and playing it over an over again. A small part of me feeling I was betraying something by connecting to something outside of my upbringing.

Fast forward through the years, life changes, spiritual awakenings and awareness’s and we arrive at the Global Pause created by Corona-19. So many times being reminded to go back to basics, meditation, music, play, creativity. And then Kyrie eleison fell back into my world. Being able to look at the lyrics with more awakened eyes, and being able to understand the soul meaning in those lyrics. I feel more deeply connected to the knowing of a God source. Yes, the music and the lyrics and the deeper soul meaning still are there. The tears flow as the connection deepens. Lord have mercy. Whatever deity you resonate with, feel the energies that bring you even closer with this song. I’m placing a link to the song with the lyrics on You Tube so you may also have an experience.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DESeq1QY4Vg Please feel free to comment with musical prophets you have experienced.

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