Self Induced Baldness


Have you ever wondered how you get from experiencing an absolutely amazing, wonder filled day to in an instant wanting to either pull all your hair out of your head, or the hair of the person you perceive has created this feeling within you?  Can I have a hell yeah!  First off, I’m here to awaken you to the fact that it’s all you baby.  You, your perception, your experience, how you choose to embody the feelings and the experience.  Damn, I just took all the fun out of blaming the other person, didn’t I? Well, the sooner we wake up to the fact that WE are responsible for everything that crosses our paths, and whether we choose to see the gift or the lesson in the experience is whether we will easily cruise through it, or continue to wrestle with it over and over and over again in various forms till we GET IT through our thoughts and minds the intention of the lesson. Whew!  Time to get over it…………….. šŸ™‚

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